Denver Colorado SEO Services for Small Business

Small business cannot afford to avoid getting found by their target market.  ROI is what pays the bills, fancy design is great if it ties back to increasing profits, otherwise it's just fancy design.

Inbound Marketing Assessment:  In order to accurately diagnose and understand your business it is necessary to dig:

  • Understand where you’re at and where you want to get to.
  • Our job is to solve pain points with a solid business plan.  We Look for trends –understand / develop  what makes a good source of traffic that will convert into solid customers.
  • Investigate changes in those trends: present, past, future.
  • Data driven decision making – comparing data across multiple metrics
  • Choose context / actions that match business objectives / philosophies that deliver. 

Website AnalysisWe understand that the key is to use the web as a tool to grow your business.  Think of your website as an inbound marketing system where what works is fine tuned, and what doesn't is replaced, tested, refined to reach & connect.

Whether it is web analytics-social media-search marketing, content development or SEO, as Minneapolis consultants our function is less ego and more testing.  We improve effectiveness of your website / company with a proven process month after month. 

We do this efficiently by writing great content, and using software to measure, track, and improve.  This is only as productive as how well it is used every day, every week, every month.  One thing is very certain in being profitable, someone has to be doing the work that matters, measuring, tracking, and improving the activities that lead to sales, otherwise it is just a indicator, when it should be a key performance indicator.  


Based on three proven principles:

   1. Get found

   2. Convert prospects to customers

   3. Analyze the data and improve ROI