Inbound Marketing Minneapolis | Every Business Needs The Right Tools, and the right people doing the work

We are a professional Inbound Marketing company that provides quality web SEO, tracking, measuring, and improving web pages to achieve specific business objectives.  Website performance first, design second. What matters is helping businesses reach their business goals, we do it with passion and results. 

Inbound Marketing | What does this mean? 

Tru-Market is for companies that want to ‘get found’….’convert visitors into leads’….’generate sales’.  Business owners / people really don’t care about terms like SEO, lead generation, etc.  They care about providing their products / services to their target market for a profit.  It's not about fancy 'shiny objects', yes they are important (when appropriate).  It's about doing the work, the real work on a regular 'weekly' basis that gets you found, converts your target market, demonstrates quality closed loop data to improve every week/month/year.

I want quality tools to help my Marketing

A business website is the central component of reaching potential customers, educating them, and convincing them to buy. It has been proven that an online marketed website is the most important piece of making solid connections with your target market.

Want a three step process to increase sales?  First, it is time to change your thinking about online marketing. 

Inbound Marketing is a proven process that is backed by 1000's of actual customers using a tested platform.  While this may be new to you, it is however a time tested proven process that is designed to delivers results.

It's 2012, stop listening to marketers telling you about 'Pushing' your message to reach customers.  Pulling the correct audience towards you with value is what works (Inbound Marketing) while reducing costs.

  •     The purpose / intent of every online action is to connect. The goal of a marketing interaction isn't to close the sale, any more than the goal of a first date is to get married. No, the opportunity is to move forward, to earn attention and trust, curiosity and conversation.

Inbound Marketing attracts your target market, making connections & engagement and converting them to customers.  Why spend money on the wrong traffic?

The internet has given the power back to those searching.  If you don't tap into what they are looking for, you're relying on yesterday's pre-programmed approach, if you spend enough you can succeed, but why give away money?  We believe in generating quality traffic that turns into leads to paying customers.

    Tru-Market internet marketing services can help small businesses  get more leads from your website and convert them into great customers. 

  1. Increase number of Leads
  2. Increased Conversion Rates
  3. Analytics to ROI/ testing what works, improving what doesn't.

    Inbound Marketing | Are you serious about return on investment?  

Online marketing in and around Minneapolis is all about servicing the customer, making it easy to buy, and enhancing the bond.  Smart money decisions start with smart business objectives / plan.

Drive highly targeted online customers to your site, engage them at their level, with their interests.

Developing a comprehensive plan through Minneapolis inbound marketing accomplishes three crucial points:

  • Connect with a well defined audience,
  • Convert visitors to paying customers,
  • Track meaningful and measurable data for a higher / focused return on investment

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