Keywords: Important? Absolutely! Only if you track, measure, improve

Minneapolis keywords, the goal is to generate proper terms that your target market will 'Search' with. 

At the beginning of any web development, this is where the first opportunity is.  Create it correctly, the results will be the right customer coming to your site.  This doesn't mean that you never have to update, measure, improve, track and create.  This only means that at this point in time, your keywords are ranking at this defined level.  Tomorrow brings about a new value.  If your competition is aggressively seeking to out-rank you, they will unless you are paying attention, tracking, measuring, improving. 

We are very aggressive in using high value software to hone in on the best keywords for search, specific pages, buyer behaviors, time of day/week/month etc.

Focus on quality over quantity, we use multiple tools for effective keywords for specific targets.

  • Search Volume
  • Difficulty
  • Geography

This is part of inbound marketing, good keyword development leads to strong SEO, which leads to customer engagement.  A plan is only as good as its weakest link.

Plymouth, MN Keywords:  What performance is measured?

In terms that many really have a hard time grasping, this is where the performance is measured, evaluated, and improved over time.  (oh, and don't forget test, tested some more, test again to maximize ROI / profit)

Here are some of the parameters that we focus on. 

    • SEO value
  1. Amount of Keywords in top search results
  2. Number of Unique pages that rank organically
  3. Total organic clicks per month
  4. Value of organic clicks per month
  5. Organic changes in clicks
  6. Biggest gains / Most valuable keywords
  7. Newly ranked organic pages
  8. New keywords / top sections
  9. Keyword groups with the biggest gains
  • Opportunity
  1. Biggest opportunities / not ranked keywords
  1. Keyword overlap in SEO & PPC
  1. Keyword groups with most potential
  • Competition
  1. Traffic share - movers & shakers
  1. Competition (online, different than off)
  1. Top organic competitors / partners and their best keywords