Minneapolis Online Market Research and Planning

Twin cities search engine marketing has been moving at a rapid rate, does your website attract your specific targets?  Updating your Minneapolis online business with fresh market research and solid planning is smart, and leads to increased revenue.  

What will a market research assessment do:

Focused Assessment:

This includes a full study of your current business platform, both internally and externally.  What does this mean?  Research supports an unbiased viewpoint proven to help companies improve efficiency for the short and long term.  Are you ready for a solid plan to move forward?

SWOT analysis:

Most people have heard of this, few have implemented into meaningful actions.

Every company needs to look at their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of your current business.  Here is where we work together to understand the realities of your business.  Building a plan that is specific, measurable, accountable, realistic, and timely is not a cookie cutter process.

Strategy vs. tactica

Every small company is doing this, is yours doing this according to your core business?  We offer a unbiased professional opinion to align and improve.

Short term action plan:

Every action needs a timeline, we'll work together to drive short term business, that sticks to your overall objectives.

Long term action plan: 

Meeting long term expectations is based on a structured plan with timely targets and metrics.  

We love data as long as it serves its intended purpose, if it doesn't we eliminate it.  If your company has already developed any of these areas, let's not waste time, we are about progress.