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In today's inflation climate, it is important to be transparent about pricing and performance expectations. 

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”And if we want to achieve solid performance goals, then let us share with you our knowledge and experience to help you reach your performance and budget goals". 

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Rebuild or Replace?

Every rotary engine that is need of repair is going to need to be disassembled to get a better idea of what it needs to restore performance and reliability. 

Need a compression test to see if your motor is still within specs? We can do that.

For most engines where compression is down and it still runs, it is cost effective to rebuild. Where there has been a major engine failure (as in internal damage) the real answer may be to replace that engine.

Worn engines will have (most of the time) good internal side plates. For almost every RX8 engine we have rebuilt, the rotor housings / seals & springs must be replaced. 

The reality is that we must get your engine apart, assess / measure to OEM specs before putting together an engine build list with pricing. Getting the details right is our priority. No sense in adding more cost than is necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a rebuild cost?

A realistic question. The answer is it all depends on what your motor needs. 

Factory new motors start at $6500, please check with us for current pricing. 

REbuild pricing starts at $3500

Don't forget that engine rebuilds require testing / evaluation of all parts inside & outside the engine, including gaskets and ultrasonic cleaning.

We price check parts with our Mazda rotary retail partners like:

Our pricing is very competitive. With our ever-changing product availability, our build pricing and parts availability has been challenging. I've seen prices go up / down in days not weeks/months. We work hard to stay competitive and get projects done on time.

Can I bring you just the motor to rebuild?

Absolutely. We like those types of builds. It saves you money and we don't have to store your car during that time.

We will build it to your specs, pressure test cooling system and replace all internal parts that are not within OEM specs.

Many Mazda Rotary guys love tinkering with their own cars. This approach saves you money and allows you to keep your car at home in your garage. Set up an appointment so we can go over your options. 

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