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Rotary Engine Shop Colorado

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Quality Builds start with your expectations

Rx8 engine builds Colorado

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Strong racing history and experienced rotary engine builder. From street performance to race car high tech. Details Matter.

FD Mazda Rx7 Engine Performance.

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Extensive network across the USA with other Mazda shops, racers and Mazda North America. 

Details Matter | Get them right

  • Engine Rebuilds

    From teardown to final assembly, details matter.

    Compression Testing / Vehicle Inspections

  • There is a lot more going on than just compression testing, once we have your car on the lift we might as well go over all things maintenance and reliability.

    Driveline repair

  • Need a new clutch? Want to step up to a lightweight flywheel / high performance clutch & pressure plate.
    One of the best ways to extract the power from your rotary engined sports car (the engine spins quicker / less rotating mass).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I save money if I pull the engine and bring it to you?

Yes, we can rebuild your engine quicker and have it ready for you based on your expectations. Please fill out a form to find out more.

Are you competitive on pricing?

We keep pace with other shops around the country and price our products and services accordingly. We have an extensive list of other shops / Mazda racers / builders. Our connections and experience matter. 

Do you offer a warranty on rebuilds?

Yes, based on what we agree upon for your build, we offer a 6 month warranty on our street builds. The best thing about the internals in the rotary engine is 'get the tolerances correct and use the best parts, results will follow'. Fill out a form for more information.

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