Rotary Engine Build / Pricing

Rotary Engine build pricing 

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OEM REbuild

OEM Engine build:

  • Tear down engine, examine all components, rebuild with basic gasket set.
  • Parts included:

    Gasket set for internal engine

    New OEM seals, springs, side seals, oil control rings / springs

  • Engine is thoroughly ultrasonically cleaned and reassembled, pressure tested.

This does not include engine removal / installation and start up. Additional fees will apply if additional parts are needed (ex: rotor housings).

All pricing is subject to change. Additional parts / processes will be added to the final bill.


OEM REbuild w/ vehicle drop off

Best value:

All items listed above plus:

OBD scan (Rx7 & Rx8's), identify current codes (this makes understanding why the engine failed) Yes, there are ports in the engine compartment for OBD1 vehicles. We like to check pre/post engine build for best performance. It just makes sense.

Engine removal, engine bay inspected & cleaned

All components removed from engine and cleaned.

Engine disassembled on engine stand with emphasis on understanding 'why' the engine failed with careful inspection at every step. 

All internal parts are ultrasonically cleaned, inspected / measured for OEM specs (to make sure parts meet specs for rebuild). Parts out of spec are replaced.

New internal seals, gaskets, springs, oil controls rings, etc. New bearings if out of spec / or requested.

E-shaft is measured at all points. This is important especially if bearings show wear.

Engine is rebuilt with new rotor housings (very few pass our tests for reuse). Engine is assembled and pressure tested prior to being put back in chassis.

Engine start up, new fluids, all coolers cleaned and inspected, road test and ready for customer to pick up with specific instructions on break-in period.

All pricing is subject to change. Additional parts / processes will be added to the final bill.


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Mazda Engine builds

Every build is a bit different, here's why:

No two engine builds are the same, while the internals carry many of the same parts, what causes engine failures are not all the same. Our careful inspection and experience throughout the process means we want to know why it failed in the first place and repair / replace the components that need attention. Because we test each part in the process, we are confident in our deliverables. 

We are not a shop that just replaces everything along the way, that would cause pricing to be more than double, no one wins. Example: All rotary engined cars are now all more than 10 years old, that means the wiring harness is a critical part of operation and they all have to be carefully inspected and repaired on the bench prior to being put back in service. Details matter. 


  • Understand what your expectations are
  • Have a realistic budget
  • One thing that COVID has taught us, sometimes parts availability gets in the way of the timeline, it is now our reality, be patient.
  • Learn from the build, we will provide pictures and details as to why the engine failed and what we are implementing to keep your engine running for many miles to come. 
  • And don't forget to pull redline once your engine is broken in. Doing this too soon is not recommended, and don't forget to premix. Enjoy.
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