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Bio-Rotary Premix | the best oil premix for your rotary

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For real enthusiasts, the ones who enjoy driving, the individuals that understand the benefits of this amazing engine, this is for you.

While there are many other options out there for horsepower, the rotary engine holds its place because of how well it works at high RPM. This motor was designed and built for just that. High RPM's

With that comes responsibility. Proper maintenance and paying attention to the details. These days every rotary enthusiast knows that premixing oil to your fuel will make your motor last. Too much oil and you will foul spark plugs, not enough and you wear out apex seals and rotor housings.

Add to that the damage to your catalytic converter, these components hate oil.

How you are going to use your rotary engine will dictate the level of oil needed. For our race customers, the ones who spend most of the time at high RPM will need more oiling. If you street use your rotary engine, less is more when it comes to premix.

Bio-Rotary Racing Premix has been designed specifically for rotary engines. This technology addresses the three major concerns in the
rotary community:

1.) proper lubrication

2.) issues with carbon buildup

3.) premix compatibility with any type of fuel.

It also protects against corrosion in fuel systems, and has a fuel conditioner built into the product. Renewable Lubricants offers the only sustainable, carbon negative, (green) premix designed for high performance rotary engines

We are fans of those that provide solid results without the smoke and smell of traditional oils. With that in mind, there is only one brand that solves these issues and you end up using a lot less of it every time you fill your tank. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 5.54.26 PMHere is where it matters, how much do you use:


  • Use 1 oz. of premix to 2 gal. of fuel for alcohol fuels (High Ethanol Blends or Methanol),
for track use or spirited driving with modified and boosted motors.

  • Use 1oz. of Premix 4 gal. for regular fuel (Gasoline), for daily drivers that are non-modified, N.A. motors

    We are the sole distributor of Renewable Lubricants in Colorado.

Bio-Rotary Racing Premix | Now available to order

Bio-Rotary Racing Premix is designed specifically for rotary engines.

Add to that the reality that this product does not have the smell or smoke of traditional 2 stroke premix oils.

Bio-Rotary Premix | PROVEN BENEFITS for your rotary engined vehicle here in Colorado

  • Longer trouble-free engine life
  • Lowers emissions (burns clean) and improves fuel economy
  • Best in class apex seal lubrication
  • No exhaust smell
  • Reduces and cleans carbon deposits
  • Lubricates entire rotor and housing
  • Sustainable, carbon negative formulation
  • Helps keep spark plugs clean and increase plug life
  • Compatible with ALL fuel types (Gasoline, Ethanol Blends, and Methanol)

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