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Turbosource Engineering | Power for Colorado Altitude

Turbocharging Colorado Rotary ShopTurbo Upgrades | Utilizing turbocharging is an excellent method to unlock the full potential of the rotary engine.

With the FC turbo 2 and the FD TT as the platform, what separates the men from the boys is the actual functions of building one of these cars without destroying the purpose and intent.
What are we saying? A solid turbo build should not be a butcher job of the car as it was intended. Build it right or not at all. With our thin air at 5000 feet and above, improving forced induction is a respected alternative
The FC & FD are excellent turbocharged platforms, most of them are either well preserved or beat up. We are a dealer for Turbosource turbo kits and components.
Why choose the Turbosource turbo kits for the rotary engine?
turbosource Colorado Rotary ShopJust like the training / experience we have with rebuilding the internals of the Rotary Engine, having tried and true components for your turbo build is not difficult, choose the kits that have been built by professionals with engineering prowess and the willingness to test, build, refine and deliver a product that is proven. Precision parts and proper details matter.
Every kit has been designed for performance and reliability. Using materials like Iconel and proper casting materials / techniques ensure consistency and true to the data sheets.
With Borg Warner and Garrett turbochargers as the providers of 'swhoosh', the components are developed with very specific outputs. Know the differences in the kit as a whole because just putting a larger turbo on isn't going to work very well if it isn't matched with the following:
  • Fuel system
  • turbo upgrades Rx7 ColoradoIgnition system
  • Cooling (oil & water)
  • Intake
  • Exhaust
  • Data / dash
  • Tune
Add to that the internals of your engine need to be updated as well. Always ask why things are built / assembled / ported a specific way, the details matter.
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