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Ultrasonic Clean | Rotary Engine Shop in Colorado

Clean engines are better engines. Using the Ultrasonic cleaner to remove all the carbon / grease from the engine and external components is critical for engine performance / longevity
This is an often overlooked part of rebuilds. Unless you get the parts 100% clean, you will be introducing contaminants into your fresh new engine. As a consumer, I demand excellence, so should you. Our Ultrasonic cleaner is built just for automotive repair. What makes this so. It has been proven that in order to break up carbon deposits, oils and all that builds up on components, the manufacturer found that anything less than 4000 watts of ultrasonic frequency won't cut it. 
Our unit is built by Omegasonics out of California (built in the USA). Why did I choose brand? After seeing other professionals having them in their shops and asking a lot of questions, I knew that in order to deliver a quality product, this was a necessity, we have no regrets, worth every penny.  
 Demand the best tools, knowledge and experience for your rotary engine build. Details matter.

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