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REspeed Engine Builds

Rotary Engine shop Colorado

Full race motors

Rx8 performance upgrades

Rx8 upgrades

Full data logging dash installation

From full engine builds to performance dash upgrades. When you see what is available for your performance RX, the results are up to your expectations. Do it right.

Rotary Engine REbuild / Performance Shop

Having vast experience with other shops and professional race teams over the years matters.

  • Every build gets their engine ultrasonic cleaned inside and out. 
  • Based on your driving expectations, our builds reflect the best tolerances and set-ups. We are not a one application fits all shop. Details matter.
  • From drop off to drive home, we keep you informed through pictures and explanations / understanding of what, why, how your engine failed and our process to ensure solid performance / reliability.
  • You get what you pay for. Pricing has gone up for everyone, inflation and cost to get it right has been impacted. We strive to be the best value in performance builds.

Let's Get started 

Our website and operations are all about sharing knowledge and experience that will help you decide if we are a shop that you want to do business with. If you are looking for the lowest price on your rebuild, we are not the shop for you. 

Our goal is based on proper builds and increased performance / reliability. That takes the right equipment and years of experience racing these incredible engines. 

REspeedshop Colorado | the Rotary Engine lives on.

We understand that the rotary engine has a strong following in racing around the world. The motors are no longer in production, yet Mazda North America continues to support us. We are grateful and work hard to continue this journey. Not all Mazda rotaries are supported with new parts. We are a small shop that thrives on the high revs and power of the rotary engine. We hope you will join us.

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