Rx7 Engine Rebuilds

The FD is a complex / fickle car to work on. How can we help you?

Mazda engine rebuilds Colorado

Details Matter | proper side seal clearances

This engine came into the shop from a true JDM Mazda Rx7 RHD.

Taking the time to ensure proper seal clearances is critical for the FD turbo motors. 

FD engine rebuilds Colorado

New housings, new rotors | FD engine builds

When these motors break, they usually do some damage especially under full boost.

We disassemble with proper intent. How they come apart is critical for understanding why the engine failed. 

This motor failed because someone used stopleak, that led to hotspots and breaking the apex seal, tearing up the rotor, housing and everything in its path, including the turbos.

Rotary Engine rebuilds

Measuring down to .0001 for proper rebuilds.

Having the right equipment and a proven process is how you get consistent performance results.

We measure the eccentric shaft with the best tools. Why would you want a bent E-shaft in your new motor? 

FD engine teardown inspection

FD engine rebuild | Understanding Why it failed.

Why matters.

I have had motors come in that were previously rebuilt and failed. I tell every customer that "I do not want to see the inside of that engine for a long time".

You can have it built right, quick or cheap, choose one.

1993 Mazda Rx7 repair shop Colorado

Excellent shape FD Mazda Rx7 | Getting it right, keeping it running proper

The Mazda Rx7 is meant to be driven, here in Colorado we have a good list of FD drivers with cars that in solid shape and running / being driven hard.

Carving up / down through the mountain roads is a thrill with the right car. 

How can we help you with your FD?

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