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Question #1 Why is the ultrasonic necessary?

Why do we choose to use the ultrasonic over traditional cleaning methods? 

Crevices, openings, and holes in parts may be inaccessible with traditional cleaning methods and may require soaking in strong chemicals. The result is that cleaning can take a lot of time and may be incomplete. An automotive ultrasonic cleaner can clean such parts quickly and without damaging part surfaces. 

The cleaning solution we use is specifically designed for automotive parts (carbon buildup and grease). Use a stronger acidic cleaner and it damages aluminum components. We have spend the resources to find the best in the industry and our results speak for themselves. We also clean delicate wiring harnesses prior to testing and replacing broken plugs (most common is the fuel injector connectors). Remember, these cars are over 10 years old and with that comes brittle connectors due to the number of heat cycles / time that has passed.

We chose the ultrasonic cleaning method for multiple reasons:

1. All professional race teams use them (there is a reason for that)

2. The technology saves us time and you money getting things properly cleaned.

3. This technology is from aerospace and the medical community. They know what they are doing.

4. It works extremely well.

Question #2 Can I ship my car to you?

Yes, we get about 30% of our business from rotary enthusiasts around the country. Why? because of our commitment to sharing quality information through our blogs about why and how our engines go together. 


Question #3? I want the cheapest rebuild possible

We do not get this question very often, however it must be addressed. If you are looking for the cheapest rebuild price, we are not going to be the shop for you.

There are a number of people whom build motors out of their garage, there is nothing wrong with that, however with our extensive business and racing experience, the difference will be not only in performance after the sale, the process we have in place to keep you informed (pictures / detailed explanations) is second to none. Our blogs demonstrate that detail and why your specific motor failed. 

Add to that our ultrasonic cleaning and measuring equipment equal a result that is more than just shiny parts. long term value. Choose your shop carefully.

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