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Penske Shock Upgrades for Mazda Rx8 / Rx7

Penske Shock coilover kits for Mazda rotary powered sportscars | Performance Upgrades

Why upgrade to Penske Shocks? Performance Upgrades that deliver

Asking the right questions | Penske shocks are the world leader in suspension technology. Striving to be the best, equals the latest technology to all forms of auto racing. Asphalt road racing at its highest level in F1, NASCAR or Indycar to the dirt tracks across the USA.

Why does this matter? It matters because driving is an art form. Anyone can buy a performance shock with a good price and blanket statements of performance.

Penske Shocks | As a major supplier in the worlds largest and fastest markets, they striving to be the best, equals the latest technology to all forms of auto racing.

All applications are custom built to your specific needs. A good thing about this is that they have a vast knowledge based on many applications to help guide drivers / car teams to reach their goals faster and easier than going it alone as a racer or track day enthusiast. Internal communication about past builds and professional data sets add value to an already amazing product.

Back in 2018, I embarked on the journey to find the next best set of shocks for my GT3 tube frame race car. Going to the PRI show (Performance Racing industry trade show) I knew I would have the opportunity to speak to the best the world has to offer for shock manufacturers. Hours turned into a lot of information and the need to make a decision. Penske was the only one who spoke in terms the amateur racer can understand and accept.

What I heard from other shock manufacturers, "We will build exactly what you need" didn't mean much to a guy like me without a million dollar budget. What if you don't have the information or the budget to analyze and develop the parameters to give your car the best shock valving that meets / exceeds your expectations? This is the real question that needs to be addressed.

I chose three manufacturers to make a solid decision, the best one that offered up the realistic level of information and solution to deliver road racing performance, improving my on track confidence and results.

A great handling car is going to always overcome the emotions of raw straightline acceleration for those who appreciate road course driving. As a road racer myself, having this is more than a faster lap time. It is a sense of confidence / control that improves the driving experience. Now, on the street is it easy to excuse your way / focus on straightline acceleration, we don't believe that is extracting the most from your investment.

How does this relate to street / track day performance? It relates because knowing the right people to help make a solid proven driving experience is worth the effort and the price for every customer that choose to work with. Being professional means that you have to understand / listen to expectations and guide customers towards a positive outcome. Driving well is an art, the more tuned your car is the more you have to deliver an enhanced driving experience. I love it when we get to the track with our customers and let them wind out their cars and improve driving skills. It even gets better when we put one of our performance cameras in to help with coaching.

Do it right, make it deliver and you'll always put a smile on your face when behind the wheel. This is why in the first place, isn't it?

We build performance cars based on your expectations, having the right shock / spring package may not be as sexy as a larger turbo build, however it does give you a platform that will exceed your capacity as a driver as well as give you increased confidence to push limits in a safe and focused manner.

For the RX8:

• Inverted front and rear damper design

• Front springs reside below the upper control arm for maximum wheel size and offset

• 6.7” Front and rear wheel travel, that is more than any other set up on the market for the RX8.

• Lightweight dual mount rear upper cage design

• Easily adjustable -40 clicks of compression and 20 sweeps of rebound allow fine tuning for varying track conditions (DA versions)

• Hard chromed steel shaft provides strength and low friction.

• Revalvable - A variety of pistons and shim stacks provide unlimited customization.

• Teflon lined spherical bearing attachment ends.

• Proprietary machined and fabricated components are designed to withstand infinite 3G loading.

• Lightest RX8 specific suspension package on the market.

• 2.25” Hypercoil main and helper springs

We also build spring / coilover kits as well as for all other Mazdas.

Choose wisely, performance is highly subjective. If you want to have a car that looks the part vs. delivers quality handling and capacity, this is not for you.

  • Time Trials and road racing is all about driving and driving well.
  • The choice is yours.
  • We have several RX8 customers who have these setups for the street and track days. This kit takes the RX8 to a whole new level of performance and feel.


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