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Renesis Rebuild | Show the process / details Part 1

To kick off the year, we thought we would share the customer experience. What we do, and what we share with you the customer during disassembly, cleaning and the rebuild.

When we take the engine apart, we take pictures to show our work, it also helps us understand why. 

Look at the water jacket seals and how they come out, do the oil control rings hold in place or do they just fall out. Here we have a 2005 Renesis engine in for a full rebuild.

  • Know what you are getting when you choose a professional shop. Let's get started...the teardown and inspection process
  • Look at the oil pan, is the paint still intact or is it bubbled? Having the ability to go back, look at details to see if we missed any tell tale signs not only is helpful for us, it educates the customer. Not all customers want this level of detail, yet most are grateful later on. 

Another indicator is the color of the oil pump and counterweight on the front of the motor, That gold hue indicates high oil temps for long periods of time.

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Additionally, it is important to measure critical components, here we have not only damaged rotor housings, we have scored oil pump gerotor within the pump. This means that something got in the oil pan and then into the oil pump reducing the efficiency / output.

For the majority of engine builds, replacing the rotor housings and all the seals is a must have. On all rotary engine builds being very specific on side seal tolerances is key, even the letter specific rx8 rotors need to be measured properly. Just because it takes a K letter side seal, sometimes going next level is required, details matter. 

On our next blog post, we will show you how components are cleaned and prepped for the build. We take pride in our builds and want to make sure that you as a customer know why your engine failed, Our details & communication along the way make all the difference in building a solid performance engine. 

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