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Rotary Engine Builds | Getting it right

Rotary Engine Shop ColoradoRotary Engine Builds | If you haven't had the pleasure of going to High Plains Raceway or Pueblo Motorsports Park for a track day with your daily sports car, you are missing out.

What is realistic for power output? That is the million dollar question. Are you going to put your money all in on power output or a combination of handling and power. Remember, the straights are for the motor, the corners are for the driver. 

On the 13B NA motors, the key is balanced power throughout the rpm range. if you are using a stock transmission, the ratios are never going to be as good as a properly set up dog box / sequential. 

Build the motor for the application and for your budget. 

What limits the 13B is always going to be driven by money. Spend it wisely. 
I like to make sure that the cooling system is top notch, for both water and oil. Stock oil coolers are adequate, add in our dry, hot climate and you have a motor that will be running warm to hot. Every 10 degrees of oil temperature above 210 means a loss of power, it adds up fast. Every time you put it into the hot zone you are increasing the internal engine wear rate.

rotary engine rebuildsBuilding the systems to handle the heat without stressing out the motor is always going to last longer. This is why street racers like to blast down the road for 10 seconds and then back off to cool things down.

What happens when you do it on a road course is the heat stacks up, higher and higher. Most street cars are adequate for several laps then the heat stacks up. 

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