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Rotary Engine | Oil leaks, cleaning up the mess

After our blog post on common oil leaks for the rotary engine, we want to share how we go about getting things right.

The dreaded oil cooler / oil rear main seal leak. These two can really make a mess of the driveline. Add into that the airflow from the cooling fans and just driving down the road. 

When there is an oil leak, it impacts a lot more than your garage floor / driveway. One thing it does is add in a layer of oil to collect dirt / debris on things like the heat shields, transmission all the way to the rear bumper. 

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As we remove the transmission to replace the rear main seal, it is easy to see where our ultrasonic cleaning equipment really comes into play. The right solution / temperature gets parts clean that the old parts washer would never get close to. 

We also change the transmission fluid and inspect for contamination, which is more often a reality than not. 

Let the pictures tell the story:

Clutch replacement rotary engine
Once the transmission is out, it is easy to see the oil leak.
oil leaks rear main seal Rotary Engine
Rotary Engine rear main seal leak makes quite the mess.
Rotary Engine oil leaks

Ultrasonic Cleaning, get it right, get it clean

Transmission Rotary Engine
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