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Renesis Engine Rebuild | Part 2

Rx8 Engine Rebuild Shop ColoradoRenesis Engine Rebuild Part 2 | Once we have the engined disassembled, next we head over to the Ultrasonic cleaner to remove all the carbon / grease from the engine and external components. 

This is an often overlooked part of rebuilds. Unless you get the parts 100% clean, you will be introducing contaminants into your fresh new engine. As an engine builder / racer, I demand excellence, so should you. Pictured here is a side housing directly out of the Ultrasonic Cleaner (notice the white chalky substance, that is from the alkaline soap used, we wash that off with hot water). Missed part 1, click here

Rebuilding the Renesis Rotary EngineAfter the cleaning / inspection process, we need to get the rotors built. This includes all new seals, springs and o-rings for the oil control rings. Details really matter here. I like to start with the oil springs, o-rings and control rings, get them right and then on to the corner seals.

Next is the side seals and springs, install the springs, all three at once. Then we get to the lettered side seals. I like to stay on the tighter side of clearance between the corner seal / side seal. We still stay within the factory specs, but the attention to detail here matters. I always have the long side seals available if I cannot get to the gap needed for a consistent level of all rotor faces. 

Once the rotors are all prepped, it is time for laying out all the components for assembly. Do it once, do it right. 

Going over the side housings is critical, use a straight edge (a real one) to measure wear. The Rx8 side housings are pretty tough and last a long time. Also, it is important to grind off any casting irregularities. These small imperfections can break loose and get pushed through the oiling system wreaking havoc and tearing things up. 

Renesis Engine RebuildCleaning grooves and inspecting for cracks and deterioration is very important. This is why the ultrasonic cleaner is so important for consistent, reliable results. The Mazda rotary engine needs this level of detail. We put a lot more work into this phase than assembly time. 

After all the clearances are proper, we get to the assembly. Our process has been proven over 30 years of experience and learning from some of the best in the industry. Always be learning. On the right, we are pressure testing the cooling system to ensure that all the seals are in their place. Details matter. 

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