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Renesis Engine REbuilds | beyond price

Renesis Engine Rebuilds ColoradoRebuilding the basic Rx8 engine block is all about the details, what about everything outside the engine internals?

This is a discussion we have with every customer, because the details matter especially when it adds to the cost of getting a rebuild.

From intake runners (gaskets and operational valves to oil injection) to the cooling system, these external systems all need to function to achieve good performance and reliability. Be prepared to replace needed parts.

Unless you bring me just the block to rebuild, it is our responsibility to inspect and make sure all components are working properly during and after a major engine rebuild. This is in addition to the internals of the engine rebuilding process. 

  • Rotary Engine Shop ColoradoJust like the rebuild itself (internally) we don’t know what needs attention until we get it apart. Fortunately for the Rx8, the Snap On scan tool and OBD2 connection helps save time and effort.
  • All Rx8’s get a complete scan before any work begins to document and get a better idea of what is needed for your repair.

Remember, every rebuild is all about parts and labor. There is no free lunch when it comes to getting things right.

As you can see by the pictures, this Rx8 needed new bearings, expansion plugs, all hoses / connector, a lot of time with the ultrasonic cleaner and a new under tray pan for the radiator along with all new gaskets (outside the engine), details matter. 

My job for customers remains the same, deliver a solid running engine free from defects. We just finished up another Rx8 engine build that runs great and does not have any codes indicating issues internally as well as externally from the two spinning rotors.

That means the car is delivered as promised and ready for putting smiles on the customers face. Many Rx8's have more than 75xxx miles on them and needed more than just a motor in order to restore performance.

Rx8 ultrasonic cleaning partsREbuild Estimates | When we put together estimates, they are just that. Ongoing communication about the build and what we find out during scanning of the OBD2 connection, teardown, inspection of components ( a time consuming process ) is key to a solid outcome. The time necessary to develop a proper build / repair list is necessary for a solid outcome.

Anything less is going to cause headaches for all involved. If we find additional work that needs to be done, we will inform you of that and additional costs. 

As I have learned over the years, you can have it cheap, fast or done right. Pick one.

We are not the lowest priced shop, nor do we want to be. Inflation has hit everyone as of this moment, prices have gone up on parts, our goal is to make sure customers are informed on pricing in real time. Do you want it done correctly? You get what you pay for? 

Engine rebuilds start at $3500, that means that if everything goes very well, we can take an engine block, tear it down, replace the seals, springs and gaskets internally and return the engine back to you ready for you to put back in and start up. When we have to remove the engine from the car, all the components connected to it, replace the rotor housings and other internal parts (bearings, e-shaft, etc), reinstall and complete the project, the costs go up.

  • We are thorough, and spend the time needed to understand what went wrong and correct it. Like I said, parts and labor, the more time needed to clean it, prepare it and replace worn parts equals more $.
  • I don’t want to see the inside of your engine anytime soon after rebuilding it and restoring performance.

Typical parts that wear out on the Rx8: Rotor housings, OMP, radiator / hoses, seals and gaskets to name a few. The OMP (oil metering pump) is over $1400 for a new one, rotor housings for the Rx8 have gone up a lot in price in the past several years. If you can find a solid built motor for sale for what looks like too good of a deal, it probably is. 

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Quality matters, we work with customers to make sure we have proper expectations, understanding of how parts / labor are impacted and when we will get your car back on the road for you to enjoy. Look through our other blog posts, see the details on cleaning, inspection and what our process is like before you decide on getting that rebuild. 


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