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Building the FD Rotary Engine for track day / street performance

Building the FD Rotary Engine for track day / street performance | Rotary Engine Rebuilds

rotary engine build shopThe best engines get the details right. Proper tolerances, cleaning and preparation are key to a solid build.

At REspeed, we utilize ultrasonic cleaning for all of our rotary engine builds. Sure, you can use the old school parts cleaner tank, but that over the years has had to take a back seat to the technology of cavitation and quality cleaning tech, it is a mandatory piece of equipment at this level of performance expectations. Using old school tech works well with somethings, cleaning / preparation isn’t one of them.

Every good engine rebuild / race shop spends time learning about what is best for preparation and cleaning as that is the key to getting all the components that do not need replacing ready for assembly. Anyone who has blown a motor, replaced a lot of parts only to put an oil cooler back in use without proper cleaning or replacement will know this. Miss a few steps and you’ll see an engine that has limited potential and longevity.

Ultrasonic Cleaning engine partsOur current ultrasonic machine is one that has built many rotary engines as well as cleaned its fair share of other critical parts. We are getting a new, larger unit so we can rebuild transmissions and other larger components. Having the right equipment matters. Here we have an intake manifold just out of the ultrasonic cleaner, clean is proper.


REspeedshop | We do not plan on becoming a large shop, just the best shop for rotary engine rebuilds in Colorado.

The best intentions don’t always work out when you are on a budget. Clean the parts right and get busy building motors.

Our latest FD rotary engine build has had its issues. First and foremost, anyone seeking a rebuild must be patient. Parts availability is troublesome across the globe. According to indicators, this isn’t going to end any real time soon. Reducing weight with a high performance Braille 5.5 lb lithium battery. If you are serious about track days / lap times, don’t miss the details.

My recommendation for engine rebuilds: If you are planning a rebuild, start as soon as you can, order as many parts as your finances will allow and do not expect everything to show up at once.

Right now, we are waiting for the right rotor housings. Using the OEM twin turbo set up means the rear housing is not the same as the front, due to a bracket. It is on its way to our location, however it did sit in a container ship for longer than most of us realize.

Bottom line: Get your parts cleaned the right way, if you need our ultrasonic cleaning services, let us know, we can help. Take your time with cleaning and preparation and do it right, do it once.

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