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Rx7 / Rx8 Upgrades | Let's talk batteries

Renesis Performance upgradesRotary Engine Shop Colorado | Battery Performance is something that gets left alone until something goes wrong.


One of our customers sent me a few pictures asking about a film of fluid on the left side of the radiator. First guess was that this is coolant, a normal response to a recent track day.

Now, I saw pictures and believed that is may be the case, however told the customer that I need to get it on the rack and remove lower shielding to have a better look. That is when it became clear.

Rx8 performance shop colorado

This light white chalky film wasn't fluid from a pin hole in the radiator, this was battery fluid / acid, the battery was still functioning. Once I got the lower cover removed and looking up close, my reality of what was going on became apparent. All up and down on the left side of the radiator and on the AC condenser and then pulling the caps off the battery, 50% of the fluid was not in the battery, it was eating away at everything not plastic.

Rx8 upgradesThis meant that it was time to start removing everything and getting to the frame and all other metals to neutralize the contamination. Lots of vinegar, baking soda and water needed. What a mess!

Action items: We will ultrasonic clean every removable component impacted, clean & prep the frame where it has corroded and respray it to keep it protected and looking good. a clean and functional engine compartment is pleasing to the eye and easier to work on.

All of our performance builds get a new Optima yellow top or a Braille lithium battery upgrade. FYI, the optima is 38lbs and the Braille is 5.4 lbs, choose according to your driving expectations. We also recommend putting the battery in the trunk to aid cooling and weight distribution. 




Topics:   performance upgrades, rx8 builds, batteries

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