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Rx8 Rotary Engine Builds | Details, details.

The Rx8 continues to be a great car for driving.

Even though it is no longer in production, it still carries the amazing rotary engine and lives for those who love to rev that motor.

Over the past few weeks, the number of inquiries on rebuilds has gone up, so I thought I’d post here on pricing for the Rx8 for 2021. As always, prices are subject to change due to things out of our control.

RX8 rebuild pricing:

  • To pull the motor and replace including start up: $1650 plus additional fees for add on equipment and unforeseen issues (which we always discuss, it is the right thing to do). This does not include the price of the engine.

  • REbuild all Rx8 motors to OEM specs: $2200 plus all parts, again we will go over the parts list and explain why certain parts need replacement after they are inspected, using old worn out parts is never a good idea.

  • Porting is extra, please inquire about your specific needs. Pricing starts at $1200

  • Side housings and rotor housing resurfacing and nitriding is extra. We use a solid company for this process and have had great results over the years. Relationships matter when you need quality work. Due to workloads and shipping, this can often delay build times.

  • Most Rotary engine rebuilds are going to be in the 5-7k range with all that is included.

I was also asked about stud kits for rebuilds several times. Is this a good idea? My question is ‘what level of performance are you going for?’ If it is for mild street porting and street driving a turbo or supercharged motor, if you are over 450 hp, then it may be a good idea, otherwise put your money in new OEM parts and the rest in your build.


Measure everything twice, decide once | REbuilds Colorado

REmember, that stud kits may be stronger on the diameter, what they do is shift the stress to the side plates especially when you drill them out. Are they a bad thing, of course not. I recommend the threaded type with proper fasteners, not using the threaded OEM style in the end plate.

This pricing is very similar to the pricing on the FD, FC and all other RE motors. All pricing is subject to change without notice. Find out more

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