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Oil Pan installation for the Rotary Engine | To use one or to not use one is the first question.

I am a firm believer that it 'Depends' on the car, the oil pan condition...

Most people think of the oil pan as another task. Well, it is another task, it is also a very relevant one that needs the right prep and the right follow-through.

On the FD motors, read the factory manual and take the right actions.

  • I like to make sure that the oil pan is flat and 'right' for the motor. If it is bent up, replace it. They are not expensive and a new flat pan won't leak like a bent one.

  • Also, clean and rethread every 8x1.25 oil pan hole | Use a threading kit, not a tap, this way it gets all the way in and removes former RTV/debris.

Second, use the right RTV. I like either the grey or the 'right stuff' (we use that for 3 piece wheels to be able to handle the heat cycles and not induce a leak, it works).

A 4-6mm width of RTV is the right amount, as you can see I like to dab it into place vs the pressurized can putting a bead. Choose one or the other, they both work.

  • I also like to dimple the block, this gives the RTV some bite.

This isn't a difficult task, however, do it too quick and pulling the pan when the motor is in the car is not going to be fun. Do it right and it won't leak.

Rotary Engine Rebuild Colorado

The right amount, also include the motor mounts and let it cure 48 hours

Mazda Rotaries are great motors that love to be driven hard and often. We recommend both.


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