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The Renesis engine rebuild | Details and what's in it for you

Rotary Engine Rebuilds 

We build or rebuild quite a few Renesis motors every month.

Renesis Engine Builds | Colorado Rotary ShopThe process is one that has been developed over the years to be a solid performer.

It is a lot more than replacing the seals and gaskets.
Here is a list of replacement parts that goes into every rebuild and why:

  • 6 apex seals
  • 6 apex seal springs
  • 6 apex seal springs outer
  • 12 corner seals
  • 12 corner seal springs
  • 12 side seals
  • 12 side seal springs
  • 4 seal set
  • 4 O Ring outer
  • 4 O Ring inner
  • 2 Spring FRT inner
  • 2 Spring, RR inner
  • 2 Spring, FRT outer
  • 2 Spring, RR outer
  • 4 inner control rings
  • 4 outer control rings
  • 1 Gasket set
  • 1 Ring set 'O' main
  • 1 seal oil wedge
  • 1 Seal rear main oil
  • 2 Main bearings
  • 2 bearing rotor
  • 1 engine mount R
  • 1 engine mount L
  • 2 Rotor Housings
  • 1 hose water sub tank
  • 1 hose sub tank
  • 1 hose water
  • 1 hose water
  • 1 hose water
  • 1 hose water
  • 1 In Manifold gasket
  • 6 Injector seals
  • 1 Exhaust gasket
  • 1 Flange gasket exhaust
  • 12 O ring seals for oil lines
  • 1 tank, sub-radiator

That is 37 items needed to rebuild most motors. What people looking for a rebuild think about is the internals, however there is always going to be more as many of the external components have worn out from years of heat cycles.

Every one of these on this parts list is necessary to reach the main goal: To give you a quality performance build that is also reliable. Anything less is a waste of time and resources.

Remember that the Rx8 is one that is now at least 10 years old, so many of the components listed are replacement of parts that are past their useful life. For example, the injector seals are always going to be replaced. If you have ever reused them and seen one leak because it is no longer pliable enough to seal, the mess and potential fire is something that should never happen.

Rx8 engine rebuildsNow, what else is inspected, measured and replaced if needed:

  • When you get the motor out and on the engine stand, it is important to check the other components and replace if needed.
  • The radiator and fans. These are critical, most need a new radiator because of damage and corrosion.
  • The under cover, this is one the main reason I see so many rx8 engines no longer start hot and eventually fail. Just replacing it won't bring a damaged engine back to life, the damage is done. Add our altitude and hot air and the engine runs too hot all the time without a proper under tray. Failure is eminent. 
  • Engine wiring harness, we have seen broken connectors before we get to them.
  • Ignition coils, most shops will miss these critical components, bad coils will lead to engine failure.
  • Oil coolers and lines. I've seen bent lines and seriously damaged oil cooler fins. For street customers we will spend the time to repair them as replacement is cost prohibitive (>$1200).
  • Clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing.
  • On cars that are running poorly when they get to the shop we will do a compression test and scan the OBD system to better understand what is failing.

Last point is our commitment to give you quality information as it becomes available on your build. This means measured data on 'why' your engine failed / wore out and what we are going to do to make sure it doesn't happen again.

We keep you in the loop and up-to-date on costs and timeline. Connect with us to discuss your engine rebuild needs.


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